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By creating and sharing magical memories, we create a community

Hi welkom op ons platform! Wij zijn Marlo en Tessa en zijn in januari 2022 begonnen aan een wereldreis van een jaar. In dit jaar reizen wij door Azië en Midden-Amerika. We zijn beide afgelopen jaar afgestudeerd en willen deze reis nu maken omdat we de mogelijkheid hebben. Dit is al langer een droom van ons beiden die nu werkelijkheid is geworden. Via dit platform willen wij jullie graag meenemen met onze reis en hierbij tips geven over alle landen die wij bezoeken. Zo schrijven we over eten, kosten en reistips. Maar ook over de mooiste plekken die jij absoluut aan jouw bucketlist moet toevoegen. Benieuwd? Neem dan een kijkje bij ons Travel blog!

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Travel blog

With this blog we want to share as much must see's and do's as possible, but also provide information about necessities to enter a country, both covid related and standard measures. In addition, we want to share tips and tricks, based on our own experience, to be able to travel through a country as easily as possible, but also to be able to work while traveling. Of course we also share nice experiences and memories with you here. Above all, this blog should be a place where you can come back before or while you travel.

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In addition to this website, we also have an instagram page with the name Graduatedtravelersasa. Here you will find beautiful photos of places that you really should visit, but also reels with beautiful footage of the area. In addition, we also share useful tips here about things such as transport, payment, food and so on. Because sports is an important part of our lives for both of us, we will also share videos with how you can easily work out while traveling without a gym. Of course we also regularly post stories with the things we do throughout the day: from eating to fun things to relaxing. You can always send us a DM via Instagram if you want to ask us something.


We are open to collaborations. What can we offer you? We can make beautiful promotional material for your company. This could be high-quality photos and videos in beautiful places around the world. You can buy these from us for a pre-agreed price. In addition, we can promote your products via our platform. This can be done via our blog but also via our instagram account, by means of a post or stories. Are you enthusiastic about a collaboration, or do you have a question, please send us an e-mail.

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